Our partnership with Lucchese has led to some terrific work and even better results. Whether it was launching a line of high-end boots with country superstar Kacey Musgraves, or developing a digital strategy that helped Lucchese double online sales year over year, we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome.

But one of the best success stories has nothing to do with advertising at all.

Long before we began work with the iconic American luxury brand, Lucchese had been eager to grow its base of customers beyond established core loyalists. The challenge was how to identify the right audiences to target. It was one we were more than happy to help them tackle.

By combining the brand’s own sales data with broader consumer insight research conducted by Nielsen, we were able to isolate two untapped consumer segments that were quite pre-disposed to a brand such as Lucchese. But here’s the kicker– a closer look at the data told us that for one of these audiences, sales growth wouldn’t come from added advertising. Indeed, this was an audience that already knew and loved Lucchese. The problem was simply that they had little access to the product.

So rather than devising a strategy on how to target these potential new customers through an ad campaign, we used this insight to help Lucchese create a plan to remove a big barrier to purchase, by increasing distribution to the places where these folks tended to shop.

More customers. More sales. No ads.


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