Perhaps no industry was so hesitant to embrace social media as high-end luxury. In luxury branding circles, it has long been believed that much of the allure of luxury products comes from a perception of exclusivity.

Social media, some might think, opens the door too wide. They should think again.

Krause Advertising - Luxury Branding - William Goldberg

In fact, one of the most fascinating shifts in luxury shopping in recent years is not just how much this audience actually uses social media, but that they fully expect their preferred brands to embrace it, too.

Krause Advertising - Luxury Branding - William Goldberg Krause Advertising - Luxury Branding - William Goldberg
A complete plan for luxury branding on social media.

For William Goldberg, Krause created a complete social media engagement plan with a particular focus on Instagram—the perfect visual medium for the brand’s exclusive collection of diamond jewelry, including the world-renowned ASHOKA® diamond.

Engagement levels soared, and William Goldberg’s active audience continues to grow. What’s more, the campaign has already yielded valuable insights into who the brand’s top potential customers are and where they can be found, leading to a strategy for developing new markets across the globe.

Not bad for being a little more social.

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