UT Southwestern is one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, with an acclaimed roster of world-class doctors and researchers that includes several Nobel Prize winners. Yet when they approached Krause, few people in North Texas new much about them. So when it came time to launch their state of the art new hospital, we knew they needed a healthcare branding strategy that would put their leading edge approach to medical care front and center.

Clements University Hospital was designed to bring UT Southwestern’s outstanding patient care, education and research together for the first time, all within one cutting-edge facility.

To announce this landmark project, Krause launched a multiphase campaign under a simple premise: What if?

Krause Advertising - healthcare branding - UT Southwestern

A world-class healthcare brand deserves world-class healthcare branding.

Questions were posed about the potential of health care today and tomorrow, and the campaign served up the answers in the form of digital content, TV commercials, radio, newspaper, inserts and outdoor.

The campaign was just what the doctor ordered: within three months of opening, the hospital had reached 93 percent capacity, and What If had become What Is.

Krause Advertising - healthcare branding - UT Southwestern Krause Advertising - healthcare branding - UT Southwestern


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