This cause marketing story began on a single night. In 2004, a freshman at the University of Colorado attended a pledging ritual for his new fraternity. He was made to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, then taken to the fraternity house and left to sleep it off. He didn’t. He died that night.

His name was Gordie and he was 18 years old.

Every year, thousands of kids like Gordie are placed in the same circumstances, and all too often, with the same results. We lose kids every year to alcohol poisoning, and we don’t have to. The Gordie Foundation (now called Gordie’s Call) was founded to make a change.

At Krause, we’re proud to support the Foundation’s mission to prevent hazing, reduce hazardous drinking and promote peer intervention among young adults. And you can get involved, too. Check out the foundation’s website here to learn more.

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