As anyone in hotel marketing knows, even the finest resorts in the world struggle in the low seasons. But that doesn’t mean they should take it lying down.

When Krause and St. Regis teamed up to find a solution to drive traffic to the brand’s Los Angeles property, the answer was surprisingly close to home.


Krause Advertising - hotel marketing - St. Regis

To highlight everything St. Regis had to offer its in-town neighbors, Krause developed a strategy targeting upscale local residents—people for whom the hotel’s world-class accommodations and amenities offered a unique in-town getaway.

With a sharp understanding of this niche audience, we reached out via a highly targeted campaign that combined editorial-style collateral and direct mail.

Krause Advertising - hotel marketing - St. Regis Krause Advertising - hotel marketing - St. Regis
A more refined approach to hotel marketing.

Room nights surged, food and beverage revenues swelled, and Krause was quickly asked to scale the campaign to cover the brand’s iconic New York flagship hotel.

Meanwhile, our work went on to win Gold at the travel industry’s annual awards show, plus Departures magazine’s Luxury Marketing Achievement Award.

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