White sand, crystal clear waters, and endless lazy days. Yes, a Caribbean getaway pretty much sells itself. Indeed, the true challenge in resort marketing for a brand like Rosewood isn’t the what, it’s the when. How do you get people to come and stay at a time of the year when people, well, aren’t coming?

The answer, it turns out, is found in the question. People aren’t coming, you say? Perfect. Escape to where other people aren’t.

Krause Advertising - Resort Marketing - Rosewood

A resort marketing plan for broadening the shoulder seasons.

Thus, Krause launched the Escape to Luxury campaign. The initiative targeted repeat Caribbean travelers via travel publications and Rosewood’s own database, an audience already sold on travel to the region and for whom a summertime escape to the islands was well within reason. The messaging enticed this group with everything a shoulder-season stay at Rosewood has to offer, driving traffic with special seasonal packages.

The outcome? Broad shoulders, happy guests, and a sales-to-advertising return of nearly ten to one.

Krause Advertising - Resort Marketing - Rosewood Krause Advertising - Resort Marketing - Rosewood


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