Always on. Always shining. These are the people that bring big ideas to light. Experienced and passionate. Highly collaborative and dedicated to a fault. Few in number, but big in talent and results.


Jim Krause
President & Founder

For over three decades, Jim has led Krause with a simple philosophy: learn the needs of the clients, then go serve them. No proprietary branding processes or trendy gimmicks; just an unrivaled understanding of how to build lasting brands by creating deep connections with consumers.

It’s an approach that’s produced amazing results for a roster of iconic brands, including Zale, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Lone Star Beer, The Dallas Mavericks, Hyatt Hotels and UT Southwestern.

Jim is actively involved in the community, having served as president of The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and as a board member of Goodwill, the Anti-Defamation League and the Texas Program in Sports and Media at UT Austin, where he is also a frequent guest lecturer.


Candace Krause
Principal/Vice President

Candace almost pursued a career playing the oboe with the Hartford Symphony, but walked away when they offered her only a half scholarship. With Candace, it’s all or nothing. Her expertise in luxury, jewelry and retail marketing is a case in point. Since packing up her oboe, she has managed integrated advertising efforts for some of the world’s leading jewelry companies and brands.

She’s worked with a host of leading U.S. and European designers and jewelers – from developing new brand campaigns for clients including Garavelli and Martin Katz, to reinvigorating brands like Helzberg Diamonds and Ylang 23. Her work with retailers Lux Bond & Green and Lee Michaels includes print, catalog and broadcast. Candace has served as the lead brand strategist for William Goldberg for over 15 years, overseeing print, video, digital and social media development.

Her insights and relationships in the industry run deep.


Jim Hradecky
Principal/Chief Creative Officer

Jim is distinguished by his ability to see both sides of the coin – creating work that is strategically on target, yet captivating and meaningful to the viewer. He has successfully launched new products and breathed fresh life into tired brands. Over the course of his career, Jim has developed memorable, lasting campaigns for a notable list of clients that includes American Airlines, Frito Lay, JCPenney, Daisy Brand, Pace Picante Sauce, Zale Corporation, Quaker and ConAgra.

Jim’s interests beyond advertising include mid-century design, furniture and ceramics, and modern art. And just to clarify, it’s pronounced “Radesky”.

Elisabeth Massad
Account Executive

She’s an expert in luxury brands and how they connect with consumers in today’s digital marketplace. Besides being the agency’s social media guru, she also has a knack for keeping all the moving parts moving together. Elisabeth has managed clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, luxury, hospitality, jewelry, industrial and real estate – which is good because we have all those clients.

Elisabeth is also quite adept in the kitchen. Just ask anyone who’s tried her blueberry crumble.


Scott LeBlanc
Creative Director

Scott is a client’s best friend— a brilliant creative, big picture thinker and shrewd strategist all rolled into one. And pretty much everything he touches is made better – from branding to advertising, broadcast to print, digital to collateral.

Over the years, Scott has contributed his particular set of skill to a wide range of clients, including Frito Lay, Dr Pepper/Snapple, Lucchese, American Airlines and UT Southwestern Medical Center.

True to his Louisiana roots, happiness is making a big pot of gumbo and enjoying it with family and friends.


Trish Flaherty
Principal/Chief Financial Officer

Next to Jim Krause, she’s the longest serving member of the Krause team. Her roles are many, including accounting, human resources, office manager and a member of the management team.

Before joining Krause, Trish worked in the restaurant industry, but discovered that people and clients in advertising made crunching numbers a lot more fun and interesting.

Karla Schilling
Senior Account Executive

Combine years of brand management experience in the jewelry and retail industries with an unrelenting work ethic, and that just begins to describe Karla. Add in the fact that she’s also an ambidextrous bowler and you’ve got someone you definitely want on your team.

Her career is a little ambidextrous too. Karla began in marketing on the client side, developing branding and recruitment materials in the healthcare, real estate and high-tech industries for clients like Nokia, Columbia/HCA and Tenet Healthcare. She moved over to the agency side and became fully immersed in luxury marketing, jewelry and retail advertising.

On the weekends you might find her doing a little chair dancing while listening to her husband’s band.

John Alejandro
Director of Business Support

John’s the brain behind all things digital at Krause, keeping the hard drives driving and the servers serving. He also keeps our production studio running, which is a full-time job in itself.

Prior to joining Krause, John was the Studio Manager at Pizza Inn and lead the production department at City Color in Dallas, working for brands like American Airlines, Frito Lay, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.

John is a rabid sports fan, and would like to apologize for all the crazed shouting at Mavs home games. Yes, that was him.

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