Luxury Marketing: 2017 Report

Growing the Brand While Protecting Its Value: Five Strategies Why do luxury brands have such a difficult time achieving real growth? Luxury goods have long been held captive by a simple economic principle: the smaller the supply, the greater the demand. Thus the great paradox of growing a luxury brand: To grow, one must increase […]

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How to grow a luxury brand’s customer base. No ads required.

Our partnership with Lucchese has led to some terrific work and even better results. Whether it was launching a line of high-end boots with country superstar Kacey Musgraves, or developing a digital strategy that helped Lucchese double online sales year over year, we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome. But one of the best success […]

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100,000 reasons why awareness advertising still matters for healthcare brands.

Given the fact that healthcare-related searching lives close to the top of all online consumer behavior, it only makes sense that forward-thinking healthcare brands are pouring more and more resources into developing well-rounded search strategies. For many marketers, however, this represents a challenging trade off. With limited budgets, more for search means less for some […]

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The patient journey has changed forever. Here’s how.

It’s every marketer’s desire to predict the ways people become aware of, engage with, use, and ultimately become loyal to their brands. It’s as true in healthcare marketing as in any other industry. Just search “patient journey” and you’re likely to turn up countless maps and diagrams like this one: It’s a nice, tidy, linear roadmap to […]

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Your healthcare site isn’t mobile friendly? Uh-oh.

As it was reported back in March, Google made a change to its search algorithm to make it easier for searchers to find mobile friendly sites. This makes sense, given that as of 2015, more than half of all searches occur on mobile devices. What was lost on some marketers was that with this change, […]

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Healthcare Marketing: 2016 Report

It’s All About Behavior: Rethinking The Patient Journey How do today’s patients choose a healthcare provider? When they initiate an online search for healthcare solutions, what are they really searching for? And how does their behavior impact how we interpret the modern patient journey? What was once seen as a linear process has evolved into […]

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A healthcare marketing mistake you can’t afford to make.

Let’s say you’re in charge of healthcare marketing for a provider that just opened a gleaming new spine center, and it’s your job to bring patients through the door. You no doubt have search marketing as a core component of your mix; if potential patients in your region search “back pain” or “spine issues,” it only […]

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