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Let’s say you’re in charge of healthcare marketing for a provider that just opened a gleaming new spine center, and it’s your job to bring patients through the door.

You no doubt have search marketing as a core component of your mix; if potential patients in your region search “back pain” or “spine issues,” it only makes sense for you to be there on the other side of the click.

The question is, with what?

Healthcare search online

Studies, like this one from Google, have shown that when most people enter the modern “patient journey,” they’re not looking for a provider at all; instead, they’re seeking information about what’s ailing them. They want to better understand their symptoms. Meanwhile, many marketers invest a great deal in paid search to be there with little more than a sales pitch that does nothing to answer their questions. Big mistake.

This approach not only wastes the patient’s time, it casts the brand in a negative light, making it less likely to be included in the consideration set later in the journey. And that’s a mistake no provider can afford to make.

Here’s a better approach.

Develop search-relevant content that provides patients with the information they’re seeking. Not only are you fulfilling their needs, you’re building trust as a go-to authority while ensuring your brand is in the mix when the search shifts from understanding symptoms to seeking options for treatment.

This is just one of the challenges we tackle in our new 2016 report: Rethinking The Patient Journey. Feel free to check it out. And remember, at this stage in the journey, it’s not about you. It’s about them.

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